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Mike Myles

I Encourage You To Play This Online Game Called Starships!

Hi, everyone.


My name is Mike, and yes, I enjoy good science-fiction (eg. Asimov, Clarke, Dickson, Heinlein, et al), and I’m looking forward to reading, and reading about, other authors/works to broaden my horizons. I must admit, though, that I LOVE Star Trek!


I also enjoy playing Star Trek, or Star Trek-like games either online or on my PC; I don’t get to play the board or cards varieties in my neighbourhood.


However, today, I’m writing this e-mail, in all the groups I belong to. I appologize as a lot of you will receive it multiple times. My intent is NOT to spam you, truly. I do have an ulterior motive, though. The owners of the site of this online game I’m writing about are giving long-time players like me incentive to recruit.


The game is called “Starships!” I’m writing this, in part, because I’m confident that, if you give this game a try, you’ll really enjoy it if you try it.


So, go to this link and do just that; try it: http://starships-rpg.com/enlist.php?recruiter=Toronto


It’s an easy game to play. Here is the description, given by the owners themselves, that you’ll find once you access the site:


“Starships is a FREE web-based Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game. (MMORPG) where thousands and thousands of people share an online community. You can join for free right now! As you progress, your starship will gain abilities and increase in power. Your weapons, shields, engines and other features of your starship will gradually improve, and your opponents will become increasingly more powerful.


“Starships is written by a professional game creator of 25 years experience, so it is well balanced, planned out, and extremely fun to play, unlike other games which are poorly planned and are just after your money. Be a starship Captain! Travel to different systems exploring, battling, negotiating, partying and plundering.”


There used to be a Wikipedia.org article on this game, but I couldn’t find it yesterday, even after an extended search. There have been a few reviews about this game, though. The first review I found in a site called “MMORPG Review”. You can follow the link: www.mmorpg-review.com , or read what I pasted from their site:


“This game, released in 2004, is the LARGEST game we have encountered. It may even qualify as the largest game ever. The only comparable game (in sheer size) that we have ever encountered would posibly be the original Daggerfall:Elder Scrolls. Ship after ship, base after base, system after system. Basically, forget about exploring it all, it would take years of real time.
It's THAT freaking BIG.

“You become a starship captain and then start blowing up asteriods and other targets to acquire credits to use to buy better weapons, armor, sensors and crew. You move around human space - this is where all new captains start - and slowly but surely build up your bank account and your starship.

“As your starship becomes more powerful and useful, you can attack more powerful targets and eventually learn and earn the way into the next star system.

“At NO TIME does one need to spend real money on this game (something we always like). Everything in this game is purchasable with in-game finacials and hard work. There are a few maps floating around and dozens of roleplay and help groups to help the new captains power up their ships faster.

“With real money one can purchase fuel boosts - ap boosters for more play-time- but they are not required or neccessary to play the game (Though it's helpful because the game is addictive!). You also don't have to be a paid member to go to the other star systems as some other games require.

“This game also has an in-game communications system where players may transmit messages into subspace for all to read. This feature does cost some real money but it isnt NEEDED to enjoy this game fully. We are proud to give Starships! 5 stars.”


Another site, called “Online Game Review”, had a few reviews. You can access that site at:




So try  this game. This is NOT spam. I really think you’ll like it!


- Mike Myles, Captain of the starship Toronto

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